Alumni Jobs

D.M.College, Moga

(Govt Aided College, Established in 1926)
Affiliated to Panjab University, Chandigarh


It is said that one can’t live well, love well, and sleep well if one has not dined well. A full stomach and a sated appetite aren’t just physically necessary, but food plays a major role in being a communal thread of connection as well as fostering a sense of individual well-being. After all, Virginia Woolf must have had a reason to say, “Tragedies come in the hungry hours!” The canteen in the college is significant to a student’s college life. The canteen is the place where friendships are forged and the hostilities end. The brainstorming sessions during sharing a cup of tea can generate innovative ideas for assignments and projects, and well, for vacations as well. Our college has one spacious tastefully furnished canteen. It has indoor sitting capacity for more than 30 students with scenic view of college lawns. The quality and hygiene of food served in canteen is regularly checked by the canteen committee. The college believes in the aphorism of a healthy body being a requisite for a fertile mind and a calm soul. Hence, canteen have menus which offer nutritious and appetizing food to ensure a good diet. Fruit juice, sandwiches, pakoras, hot gulab jamuns, samosas etc are available in the canteen. The canteen hasa highly skilled kitchen staff who ensure the smooth functioning of the canteen.