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D.M.College, Moga

(Govt Aided College, Established in 1926)
Affiliated to Panjab University, Chandigarh

Our Library

The college library stands as a gateway to knowledge, a treasure trove of academic resources that fuel the intellectual growth of students pursuing both undergraduate and postgraduate courses. With its extensive collection of books, it serves as an invaluable hub for learning and research. Within its walls, a multitude of worlds await exploration, catering to the diverse interests and pursuits of the scholarly community. Brimming with an impressive array of graduation and post-graduation course materials, the library caters to the specialized needs of students across various disciplines. From textbooks and reference materials to scholarly publications and research papers, it offers a comprehensive range of resources that aid students in their academic journeys. The shelves are adorned with knowledge, presenting a vivid tapestry of subjects and ideas waiting to be uncovered.

Moreover, the college library is not confined to books alone. It embraces the modern age by housing an extensive collection of magazines, newspapers, and journals. These sources rovide students with a broader perspective on current affairs, global trends, and breakthroughs in their respective fields. The latest editions of esteemed publications adorn the racks, inviting readers to immerse themselves in the wealth of information and stay informed about the ever-evolving world around them. With its serene ambience and the aroma of knowledge wafting through the air, the college library is a sanctuary for students seeking solace and intellectual stimulation. It serves as a sanctuary where minds are nurtured, ideas take flight, and academic aspirations are realized. Whether engrossed in the pages of a book or perusing the latest periodicals, students find themselves transported to realms of enlightenment and inspiration within the walls of this scholarly haven.


Akas (Punjabi) Preet Larhi (Punjabi) Pb. Digest (Punjabi)
Pardesi (Punjabi) Mehram (Punjabi) India Today (Hindi)
Outlook (Hindi) Sarita (Hindi) Yojna (Hindi)
Meri Saheli (Hindi) Greh Shobha (Hindi) E. News (English)
Femina (English) Women's Era (English) Sports Star (English)
Business India (English) J.S.R (English) Digit (English)
PC Quest (English) Reader Digest(English) Health(English)
Science Vision (English) Yojna (English) PC World(English)
Active World Competition (English) Good House Keeping(English) Chip (English)
C.S.S.R(English) G.K

Journals for Post Graduation Courses

English Hindi Punjabi
Research Journal (Social Sciences) Sambodhan Trishanku
Resonance Sakshatkar Sirjana
Punjab Uni. Research Journal (Science) Neya Mandand Akhar
Journal of Indian Writing in English

News Papers

The Ajit (Punjabi) The Jagbani (Punjabi) The Punjabi Tribune
Amar Ujala (Hindi) Dainik Jagran (Hindi) The Punjab Kesari (Hindi)
The Dainik Baskar (Hindi) The Economic Times The Times of India (English)
The Tribune (English) The Indian Express (English)