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D.M.College, Moga

(Govt Aided College, Established in 1926)
Affiliated to Panjab University, Chandigarh

Vice President's Desk

God is omnipotent. He is all perfect who is the creator of the great brilliant substances in the universe. He is the form of all light, is free from unlearned defects. Therefore, by knowing and worshiping that great Supreme God, the great sorrow of death can be conquered and liberation can be attained. College is such a holy place where a student builds his bright future. The college, the holy temple of education, awakens in him the feelings of patriotism and becoming a worthy citizen. D.M. college is committed to the development of education and national culture according to the traditions of Arya Samaj. This institution of College Moga is equipped with qualified principal and lecturers, cultural activities, emphasis on moral and religious education, computer and hostel facilities, and full of all modern facilities.

At the beginning of the new session, I heartily congratulate all of you with best wishes for all round development and bright future of all the students.

With best wishes.

Sh. Swaran Lal Sharma
Vice President
D.M. College Managing Committee